Why PHP Over Other Scripting Languages?

Posted: August 5, 2014 in Web Application Development
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PHP is basically an HTML-embedded scripting language that helps in writing dynamically generated webpage. The files under PHP comprise HTML tags, text and scripts with a file extension of “.php”. With the help of PHP, you can create login pages, forums; design a form, and surveys, to name a few. Though now-a-days people use PHP for the development of websites and web-applications, few of them still doubt about its capabilities. Here are some facts on why PHP should be chosen over other scripting languages.

  • Easy To Use: The scripting language, coding and architecture are easy and simple to use in PHP in comparison to other programming languages.
  • Technologically Advanced: PHP supports Linux, MySQL and Apache and is the base for several technologies like, CakePHP and Joomla.
  • User-friendly: PHP offers the fast accessibility to the websites, thus immediately calling the databases. It has incredible speed which makes it different and popular among the users. Moreover, the websites created using PHP Web Development provide the flexibility to interact with the clients with ease and comfort……..

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