5 Big Benefits of Having a HTML5 and CSS3 Powered Website

Posted: May 19, 2014 in Web Application Development
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HTML and CSS have long been the web developers’ best friends. Together, they have built the web with platform-independent websites. Built with the intention of creating websites suitable for all platforms, these scripts find support in all major web browsers on PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Due to this platform independence and versatility, these are the most preferred scripts when it comes to building websites. The latest releases of HTML and CSS are known as HTML5 and CSS3 respectively and offer a host of added features, better performance and breathtaking graphics for the modern, new-age websites. Here are the top 5 benefits of HTML5 and CSS3.

  1. Better Ranking: If the website does not have a good layout and design, then it cannot rank well on highly advanced search engines like Google. The website should be semantic, with a clear format and good readability. Otherwise, all the content marketing and social strategies will go down the drain. HTML5 and CSS3 are read very well and a compatible across a range of browsers, which makes them the top choice for a good rank.
  2. Offline Browsing: HTML5 and CSS3 can store web applications locally with the help of an offline application cache. This ensures that, like an app, you can view websites offline as well. Therefore, certain pages can be read and browsed on the go. The cache also ensures faster loading and better overall performance of the website.
  3. Platform Independence: Like its predecessors, both the scripts offer very consistent platform independence, and are also supported by the latest releases of all major web browsers.
  4. Cost Effective: Thank to its platform independence, the code is reusable across many platforms, which significantly lowers the total cost of development and maintenance. Web application is moving more towards an all-encompassing hybrid approach.
  5. Business Intelligence: Business Intelligence (BI) just became whole lot easier, effective and accurate thanks to the latest version of these two scripts. They have better ability to collect, collate and use the data with the help of some cross device analytics tools that are based on the browser, and track the user’s movements.

Apart from the above mentioned points, there are still more benefits of HTML5 and CSS3, like improved geolocation for better geotargeting and local business promotions. Apart from this, its native video support enables faster, high-quality viewing experience. The two truly are the modern-day tools for businesses to build a better web presence.

Source: http://www.sakshay.in/blog/benefits-of-html5-and-css3-website/


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