Bing – Deep Link Management

Posted: April 7, 2014 in Social Media & Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Deep links are those additional links that show up underneath the main website URL. They are usually the links to the most popular pages on a website. Bing has announced changes to the way webmasters can manage deep links in Bing Webmaster Tools. Deep links are displayed algorithmically. The search engine algorithms usually detect which website pages will be the most useful and popular and display them below the main website URL. However, the algorithms may not always be right in displaying the link over there. Also, sometimes webmasters may want to block a particular deep link from appearing under the URL. In such cases, webmasters can change the links or block them from appearing at all.

Before releasing this new service, Bing has also removed a couple of features it previously used to provide. For example, Bing previously offered webmasters the ability to apply weights to existing deep links…

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